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School's Out...local travel's back in!

Never in our wildest dreams did we think that reading the words “latest regulations from the Disaster Management Act” would be cause for celebration. But, in these strange and unprecedented times (the most overused phrases of the moment) we can attest to strange and unprecedented responses to the Coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown.

Now, certain restrictions have been eased which means we can leave our places of residence for leisure travel purposes. Yippee! We can’t travel across provincial borders yet, but these new rules are still a cause for excitement because we can head to a local getaway and explore.

Ask the question: “Who’s for a weekend away?” Everyone’s hands will shoot up.
Next question…” who’s going to organise all the food?” This generally doesn’t solicit such an enthusiastic response.

Limit stressful planning, time shopping and long stints in the kitchen preparing meals. Rather enjoy a proper break...visit our website and click to order delicious, fresh, healthy food to accommodate the diverse tastes of your entire family.


Portions are generous (to satisfy healthy appetites), perfectly packed to travel well (no spillage disasters) and all you need to do is heat, plate and enjoy.


There’s nothing quite like a winter weekend away; crisp clear days, cold nights, red wine, board games and now all your food from the forum kitchen.

So head for the hills, the bushveld, the water’s edge or wherever...

Bon voyage, Hamba Kahle, lekker ry!

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