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Pep up your pantry and spice up your fridge.

We believe that behind every successful meal is a well-stocked pantry and freezer. The Forum Kitchen Deli has a selection of exceptional products to whip up into a variety of nutritious and delicious meals and snacks.

Everyone needs Staples, and our Deli has a range of Mooberry dairy products ready for safe delivery to your home. Farm fresh cheese, butter, cream, yoghurt and eggs are everyday favourites to be enjoyed by themselves, or added to other dishes for enhanced flavour.

Another pantry essential is NYOC 100% raw, organic honey; available in two variants Sunflower Blossom or Avocado Blossom. This honey is non-irradiated, unpasteurised and harvested straight from the hive to bottle. NYOC protects and conserves vital honey-bees and supports smaller honey producers in South Africa. Add a spoon to your tea for some natural sweetness or spread on a slice of fresh toast.

Who doesn’t love baked good? Our Bakery has a fresh selection to satisfy all tastes. Wholesome items like Chef Arno’s health loaf, or sourdough, a variety of homemade savoury quiches and decadent sweet treats including our Classic Lemon Tart and a choice of Brownies and Blondies. The Lady Boss Dark Chocolate and Cream Cheese Brownies are the ultimate, - perfect as an after-dinner extravagance or an any-time little something special. Just add an aromatic cup of coffee with our Carico Bududo Classica biodegradable coffee pods. 

Talking about things special - our Deli now offers three brilliant Soups to keep the winter chills at bay. Minestrone with Gremolata, Pea & Almond with Charred Goat’s Cheese Crouton or our Booster Bisque made with carrot, barley and Tumeric. This homemade vegetable broth is infused with gratings of turmeric, ginger and fresh herbs and packed with sticky glazed carrots, barley and detoxing celery. This combination of ingredients is designed to support your immune system

Pasta, Pesto and Sauces are the secret weapons in any cook’s arsenal. Quick, easy, nutritious and delicious. These go-to items tick all the boxes, and everyone needs a couple of options on standby. Our Deli offers fresh pasta as well as ready-to-use homemade sauces. What could be easier than boiling some water and heating some sauce? Fans tell us that our velvety smooth, Creamy Lemon sauce with a hit of vodka is the perfect accompaniment to our fresh pasta. Our Fungi and Napolitana sauces are equally delicious. If you are looking for the absolute crowd-pleaser - you can never go wrong with lasagna, and our Deli has three options. Choose from Classic Beef, Chicken & Butternut or Vegetarian.

Have you ever cooked a dish and thought, “This needs extra oomph, what can I do?” It’s happened to all of us.

You can enhance your meal’s flavour profile in a couple of minutes - sea salt, a drizzle of flavoured oil, a spritz of lemon or lime, freshly chopped herbs or our favourite go-to - our fresh Pesto. Think about Smoky Brinjal, Garlic & Lemon, Three Herb & Walnut or our classic Chunky Black Olive. Any of these are sublime just stirred through our fresh pasta or added to other dishes to inject some zing.

We are all for good health, and our deli stocks a selection of Gut-Health products aimed at immune-boosting and the promotion of healthy digestion. What about some Fire Tonic to encourages blood circulation and lymph flow, Raw Organic Kraut to aid digestion and balance gut flora, or our Pickled Cauliflower to support your microbiome? These cauliflower hearts are preserved in pickling brine and come in a large, reusable glass jar. Pickled cauliflower is tasty and versatile. Use it to spice up salads, add crunchy flavour to sandwiches or as a topping for soup.

If you are looking for an original, non-alcoholic beverage, our Deli stocks gorgeous, colourful Cordials made with 100% fresh ingredients. Current flavours include Orange & Lemon, Passionfruit and Sweet Rhubarb & Strawberry.

Our Deli is the foundation for feeding your family, and we are regularly adding new items to keep things exciting and varied. Watch out for our new range of Hummus and other snacks coming soon.

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