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Meet the Woman behind NYOC Organics

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

August 9th is National Women's Day. This is a day to reflect, and remember female groundbreakers from our past and celebrate our sisters breaking boundaries right now. One such lady is Mulalo Tshikalange who is an innovator in the field of beekeeping and the co-founder of NYOC Organics.

"I entered the field of beekeeping when I started making botanical body care products to treat eczema. I was spending thousands of Rands every month on dermatologists and changing from one product to the next until I asked myself;

"What did my illiterate, subsistence farmer grandmother use on her beautiful skin? What alternatives did she have in the absence of Clinique, Revive, Orlane Paris or Chantecaille?"

The answer was, she used food! So I started doing a little bit of research on food-based skincare, and there was a wealth of knowledge, ancient knowledge, some of it African and Ayurvedic wisdom on skincare, that had been lost!"

NYOC Organics was established in 2017 when entrepreneur Mulalo joined forces with Thembalezwe Mntambo, to launch their self-funded beekeeping business. Mulalo was driven by her passion for developing products to treat eczema, and Thembalezwe was driven by his desire to share his knowledge and experience of ethical beekeeping. Not all honey is equal. The quality of honey in supermarkets is inconsistent. Thembalezwe introduced Mulalo to "funny honey". This is a honey-based product which includes additives and other ingredients. Unethical beekeepers do this to bulk up the honey and increase profits.

NYOC Organics only sell raw honey which differs in colour, texture, viscosity, taste and smell according to the nectar sources. NYOC Organics sources honey from apiaries in Limpopo, North West and across Gauteng where the majority of NYOC's hives are placed in residential suburban backyards in Johannesburg. Mulalo owns over five apiaries herself.

Mulalo says "I encourage all our patrons to become beekeepers in their urban backyards and buildings, to help protect and conserve these magical creatures".

You might not be able to be a beekeeper, but you can have NYOC Organics honey delivered safely to your home by The Forum Kitchen, which stocks two varieties in their deli. AVOCADO BLOSSOM HONEY has a distinct caramel earthy taste and SUNFLOWER HONEY with smooth floral notes.

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