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Don't let COVID-19 be the Grinch who cancelled July!

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

This year with everything going on, we will be going full-out to create a memorable and joyous lockdown experience. Join us in creating some special family fun.

One downside to the normal holiday season is that you are forced to spend time with annoying relatives and friends. We all have them…the aunt who constantly complains about everything, the father-in-law who drinks too much or the cousin who drones on about himself at every conversation.

On the upside, Christmas in July 2020, with social distancing means you have a zero risk of exposure to these types and we can cocoon and celebrate with our nearest and dearest.

Read on for the ultimate guide to a pandemic-friendly mid-year celebration...

First need to set the scene by recreating a wintery Christmas experience.

With cold-fronts rolling in, no one needs encouragement to crank up the fires and pull on some extra layers (how about those ugly Xmas Jumpers?). Create a festive feel by hauling out your Christmas decorations; stringing up some fairy lights and putting your holiday playlist on repeat.

Gift giving is traditional at Christmas so why not during #christmasinjuly? This is a great opportunity to put together care packs for those in need. Turn your hamper making into a family activity, so you spend time together doing something meaningful. Have you heard of the sensation known as 'helper's high'? Science shows that kindness makes you happy.

When you do something good for someone else, your brain's pleasure centre lights up, releasing endorphins and producing this high. We all need a dose of happiness right now, and gifting is the way to go.

Make it magical for your children and create a full-on experience. The little people in our lives have been encouraged to build resilience during this time…and they are doing so well… but they deserve a diverting enchantment too. Include whimsical Christmas touches like baking your favourite cookie recipe together, making some homemade ornaments, getting dressed up for the occasion and watching your favourite seasonal movie.

Next...your Yuletide family-feast needs a beautifully decorated dining table. Let's be honest, a traditional Christmas in the southern hemisphere on the 25th of December is a hard act to pull off - but the 25th of July means a real winter celebration and an authentic 'Christmassy feel'. Now's the time to enjoy a formal, but relaxed and fun and heartwarming occasion.

Christmas In July needs a proper Christmas meal with all the trimmings. We have pushed the boat out this year to create an indulgent, yet healthy, sumptuous celebratory menu. We've taken away all that "holiday stress" and all you have to do is click, order and wait for delivery.

Our Christmas elves have thought of everything, and your meal order will arrive beautifully packaged, ready to be heated and served. No slaving over a hot stove this Christmas (in July)! Head to your secret cellar and get your hands on a particular bottle of bubbly set down for a special occasion - pop that cork and celebrate at home with your #family.

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