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A customer review: The Forum Kitchen at L'antico Giardino

The Comeback is Always Stronger than the Setback:

We don’t know about you, but we’re feeling a bit more positive today! South Africa has moved to Alert Level 2 of the national lockdown, meaning certain restrictions have been eased. There is a hint of Spring in the air with little green shoots and tiny buds appearing. The Forum Kitchen at L’antico Giardino is once again open on Saturdays and Sundays. And we received this fantastic review from a delighted customer!

Sarah Steel, a Parkview resident, has been using lockdown to discover new places to visit. She has gained quite a following on her social media feed with other like-minded people eagerly reading her reviews.

“I’m writing these reviews to assist other families in finding spots to go out to safely. I never want to be unkind or hurtful or ruin anyone’s business, but RonaSafety is my no.1 concern."

We aren’t getting out of the Corona Times anytime fast, so now it is a case of how do we cope with this and still try to live a life that feels worth living. We have no option of stepping off planet earth for a short breather and even if we were able to move elsewhere, who else in the whole world is winning this thing?

Sarah calls her series Weekend Adventure and The Forum Kitchen at L’antico Giardino was spontaneously featured in episode #8. Here is an edited version.

“I booked last weekends little jaunt. With the promise of "serene gardens, delicious meal and children’s menu" they had me hooked. It was about 45 minutes away, so ticked the not-too-far-box. I called them and spoke to the loveliest person who answered all my questions. We arrived not really knowing what to expect but were welcomed into the most beautiful courtyard filled with the trickle of water and lush green plants everywhere.

For a few minutes, I could have been at a little spot in the South of France. Beautiful fountains surround the extensive gardens, and the décor is simple, elegant and clean. My kids were marvelling at the fabric napkins (which shows you how long it has been since we went and ate off plates and used glasses..!)

The menu is simple. But simple in a delightful way. The dishes are mainly priced to share and the food is GOOD. Nourishing and deliciously good. We chose the Pork Belly with spicy sweet potatoes and coleslaw, while the kids chose the chicken pizza. Their cordials are delicious, and the food is beautifully presented.

You can sit for hours – far far apart from anyone else – and just listen to the wind in the trees and the sound of water. The kids took themselves off on many explorations down to the dam, to the various fountains and just around. There were other children but somehow everyone just stuck to themselves and just played quietly.

It’s almost like the air is different there. And the staff.... I must mention the staff! They’re amazing. So excited to welcome people back to their venue. So warm, so kind, so inviting. And I saw this with everyone. It was just a feeling of delight at spending a magical day together.

The one thing I must mention is that there are LOTS of water features. It was fine for my more sensible kids as they won’t dive themselves into the water, but if you have Water babes, then perhaps bring someone to shadow them while they go and explore.

The children’s’ menu isn’t huge and my Hawaiian pizza-loving kids (yes, I know...father’s gene..) initially got the sulks about the lack of choice, but I told them to suck it up, and the chicken pizza was devoured within minutes. But I’m sure they would happily not add the chicken if you didn’t want that.

This was the most remarkable lunch at a very beautiful venue.

I felt spoilt and well looked after, which is important being the person who needs to hold everything and everyone together. Everything is spotlessly clean. Distance can be maintained at all times and for me this felt like a way forward.

We will be going back here in the next few months. For the amazing food and wonderfully warm and caring staff. We’ll lunch like it is 2019. Just 4m apart.

Have a super weekend.”

Thank you Sarah for your unsolicited review and our mark of 4 out of 5 for Corona Safety! We can’t wait to welcome you back to The Forum Kitchen at L’antico Giardino.

Bookings for the restaurant are available here, alternatively if you'd prefer to stay home, we'll deliver our delicious fresh meals directly to your door - Tuesday - Saturday.

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