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Ten reasons to click and order your next meal

The online food delivery trend is growing rapidly and here are our reasons why you shouldn't be left out.

There is no doubt that 2020 will be defined by COVID-19, and that the global pandemic will have implications lasting into the future. The situation is changing all the’s difficult to predict what tomorrow will look like, let alone next month.

Everyone is responding differently to this time of isolation and uncertainty, but one of the responses we are seeing is big changes to the way people are shopping. Online shopping has increased, and many players in the food industry have reinvented themselves to satisfy the home-delivery market. Home-delivery is a new and welcome trend, and here are our ten reasons why you should click and order.

  1. It makes sense… You order almost everything on the World Wide Web so why not your next meal (or two) or three)?

  2. Your safety Our meal delivery service means you can avoid the shops and the associated risks, especially now when the infection rate is on the uptick. Plus our kitchen adheres to enhanced hygiene protocols, and our deliveries are contactless.

  3. Cash in on savings Your first order comes with free delivery.

  4. It’s good for your health All our meals and Deli items are freshly prepared and packed with local seasonal immune-boosting ingredients - with an emphasis on being delicious whilst promoting healthy-eating and overall wellness.

  5. Save time... It's precious. We are all juggling work, child-care, household management...embrace the advantages of the digital age and let food-shopping take care of itself. Having more time to spend with your loved ones or to do something for yourself is priceless.

  6. Give yourself a break and spoil yourself. Life is stressful. Anxiety is high. Let someone else think about your next meal. Delegate the task of solving the relentless “what’s for dinner” challenge to us!

  7. You help the environment. Cut out your drive to the supermarket and decrease your carbon footprint. Our environmentally friendly packaging means you can take delivery of beautifully packaged meals and then recycle or reuse the containers.

  8. You can finally relax. You know a delicious healthy meal is on its way.

  9. You can gift a meal. Many vulnerable people can’t go out - you can send any of our Fresh Meals, Cellar or Deli items to their homes ...or buy a gift card so they can decide what they want.

  10. Stay connected. Food is a universal connector. Use this time of disconnection to celebrate staying connected by ordering a delicious, freshly prepared meal - set the table, sit down together and enjoy!

Affordable quality meals delivered from our Chef's kitchen to the heart of your home.

Choose from our wholesome award-winning dishes and customise a menu to fit your taste and lifestyle...and let us take care of the rest.

We create it, you just have click, heat and plate it!

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